he he he i wonder if i have been the only one to be on here in forever lol
Woah! No one has been on here forever haha!

Hi Everyone,
Well another term is just about over!Boy it has gone quickly!
Our jogathon presentations will be on Monday, so that will be exciting.
I am hoping to finish our novel, Boy In Striped Pyjamas, this week.
You will be receiving a permission note on Monday that will need to be signed if you
would like to watch the movie. We will watch the movie on Friday so make sure that you have the note
back in time!
I hope you all have a great holiday.
I will be in Alice Springs for the National Mathematics Conference.
Stay safe and enjoy!

My holiday present to you,
No homework this week!!!
Mrs A

Hi Guys,
I hope you had a nice weekend!
It will be a big week at school this week.
We will be starting our production lines!
Don't forget that we will finish the trials for the athletics carnival on Tuesday.
You may wear your sports uniform on Tuesday as well as Friday.

This week is the book fair so see if you can do an extra job or two and
score yourself a new book!
This week your homework is to jump onto the wiki and write a tongue twister.
Remember tongue twisters are a form of alliteration. We will be looking at alliteration this week too!
You also need to write a simile and a metaphor! Make sure you log on to this weeks page and not
the page from last term!
Don't forget you will have spelling to do and a maths sheet!
Have a good week.
Mrs A

Hi Everyone
Hope you had a great weekend.
Have you had a chance to read any of the stories I posted last week?
Try and help someone out by making some suggestions about editing or improving their story.
Quick Quiz- 1000 house points and a gold award for the first person to answer the following question
to do with Archimedian Solids.
How many basic Platonic or regular solids are there?
While you are looking this up on the net check out the other amazing Archimedian solids and their
amazing names!!!
Everyone who can spell this one;
on Friday ( which will be Monday this week) at our spelling test gets 1000 house points too!!
Remember to get lots of Jogathon sponsors. That will be fun on Friday!!!
How are you all going with your Premier's Sporting Challenge?
Week 2 now so we need to keep working at it!
Have a great week.
Do you like this......

Hi Everyone,
I have been busy updating our Wiki for Term 2!
Thank you to everyone who emailed me their stories.
I have uploaded them all to the wiki so you can all read them.
You might like to make a comment at the bottom of someones story.
You may make a constructive comments. Use these to help each other improve our stories.
If someone suggests an improvement you might agree you might disagree. Remember they are only trying to help!
When helping, help in a way that you would like to be helped!
You can comment back.
If you don't like the comment you may delete it from your page.
Do not delete anything from other people's pages.

Please see me if you have any concerns. I am sure everyone will protect each others feelings.
We are always so supportive of each other!

Make sure you check out the new photos on the Special Events Page!
Broken Bay, Easter and Garden of Eden Shots!

Mrs A

Hi Everyone,
I have just posted the photos from Southern Skies launch, our birthday girl, Jess and
the photos of those who have finished their art work.
I hope you enjoy them. They are on the Special Events page!
Don't forget to check out the Story Telling Competition!!
Mrs A

Hi Lilly,
Glad you had a safe trip and are enjoying the farm.
I have made a Lilly page! If you would like to leave Lilly a message please
use this page.

Always remember to report any inappropriate posts!
Hi Everyone,
It's Lilly. Mum and I had a great flight!!!
We are now at the farm and have just gone swimming in Bruce Rock swimming pool
I'm soooooo sad that I have moved and hopefully I will be able to visit 5/6c again
Hope you guy's are all well and I will miss you's sooo much

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are having a good weekend!
I have just checked the Storytellers Guild website and their competitions are open.
I will put the links up on our competition page. You don't have all that much time really.
We'll talk about it at school on Monday but you may want to just start thnking about it.

As you know Lilli left us this week to go back to live on the farm with her grandparents.
We all hope she is happy and enjoys her new school.

Mrs A

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for letting us know about your day Jess! How awesome is that! All that training you have been doing has really paid off. You really are building yourself a door!!! Well done! ( All the people who were at SRC today will know what this means!!) We hope Logan and Tom had great days too!!! DId you get to go to Target?!
Check out the Special Events page for the photos Nerida took today! Great job Nerida!!
Have a great weekend. See you Monday.
Mrs A
jess; yes we did i got a couple of things and i got a soooooo.......mouthwatering smoothie from boost

Hi guys it's Jess, was going to update you on the Dubbo Western Region Swimming Carnival.
Ok, I got 1st in my 50m freestyle but that was in my heat, but there were actually 3 heats so I got 11th out of thirty people in all the heats. The relay team included Jess Goodlock, Alena Nicol, Ally Kaufman and I . We all swam the best we could and had so much fun. We achieved 3rd. But that was only in our heat. I had a great day and I'm very tied trying to write this. Also i hope Logan and Tom did well too.

Hey Guys!
The wiki is looking amazing and it is awesome that so many of you have
already started your homework for this week but there is a lot of editing that needs to be done.
Editing your work is the trade off for having the wiki, so if you want it to keep going, please edit your work!!!
Help others out if they are having trouble!

Check out the Special Events page! A few new photos!!!
Mrs A

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Congratulations to everyone that swam at the carnival today and also to all our SRC Leaders
who delivered their first workshop today!
You were awesome and so many teachers told me how wonderful and positive you were with
you groups. That is fantastic work. Keep it up everyone!.
I can't wait to read your brochures!!
Week 6 Homework is already up on the wiki so you can get an early start if you are bored!!
Have a great week. See if you can do a small job to earn the money for the coin trail for this Thursday!
Mrs A

In Week 5, one of our spelling words is pun!
Here is a site that has a variety of puns on it.

Pick out your favourite pun and drop it on our new page!
If someone has already posted your favourite, add your name to their post!
You can also google ' examples of pun' for yourself and find more!
Try writing one yourself! Make sure you let us know you wrote it though!!
Have a great week.
Mrs A
P.S. Don't forget to check out the photos from the assembly and there is a new poll for you to participate in!!
Zoomerang is up and running again!

Hi Guys,
Congratulations on the awesome assembly item today.
It was a shame the music didn't work but the teachers told me they loved it!
You were very funny!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Pictures are on the Special Events page now!!
Mrs A

I really enjoyed today.
Hope you did too!
Mrs A

Check out the new competition page!
Great day today guys!
See you tomorrow!
Mrs A

Hi Everyone,
How fast did Week 3 go? It was very exciting week with our swimming carnival and lots of exciting things in class. We had such a great time doing our orreries. Do you remember that an orrery is a 3D model of the orbits of planets in space!


Lilly, Maeve and Yolanda enjoyed constructing their orrery!

For more photos visit the following link;
Science- Orreries

Mrs A

3/2/11 Hi Everyone,
It is great to see people starting to use our wiki. Let's try to make it as good as we can. Remember to use correct punctuation and spelling!
Please keep this page free for me. If you would like to make a suggestion for a page, please talk to me about it at school. For a little while, let's just concentrate on what is already on the wiki while we get everyone logged on!
Hope you are having a great week.
Mrs A

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to 5/6C's Wiki ! I hope you are all looking forward to the new school year. I know I am ! One of our special things for this year will be our own class wiki.

Wikis will be new to most of you, they are new to me! I am hoping to put your homework on the wiki each week so that if you are away or off being talented at sport or music events, you will still be able to access your homework !!!

There will also be some fun activity pages! So keep your eyes open and watch as the wiki grows!

Mrs A

5/6C Rules !!