Maisy and the Three Kittens

Once upon a time, there lived three kittens who lived in a cosy home on the outskirts of a town called Melmack. These kittens had a tower all to them selves with scratching posts and balls on strings.There was father cat who slept in the very top of their tower called Pepsi who was russian blue there was a mother cat called Magenta who slept in the middle levels of their tower and was as white as snow and then, there was baby kitten called Panda who slept on the floor because she was to young to sleep on the tower and may fall off while asleep, she was a tabby and was caramel, grey and white.One cold, winter morning their owner got them some nice warm milk for breakfast and poured it into their bowls. All the kittens were still fast asleep tired from playing all of last night, but there was one little critter that was awake, that smelt this milk from her house, this little critter was a mouse called Maisy.

Maisy was starving and hadn't eaten in ages, she scurried to the first of the three bowls and tasted the father's milk... “YUCK!” She squeeked this milk was to rich so she moved on to the Mother's milk and had a sip... “this is much better” she said to her self but not good enough, finally she had made her way to the third bowl she slowly sipped the milk... “Mmmm yum” she said as she was drinking the milk. Maisy hadn't noticed that the cats had finally awoken from their deep slumber. They had smelt the milk from their beds and were on their way to their breakfast, they made their way to their bowls and Pepsi said, “something has been near my milk,” then Magenta said, “something has been near my milk to” and then Panda SCREACHED? “something is in my milk!”

Pepsi and Magenta bounded over to see what was in Panda's milk and they found Maisy the tiny mouse.
Maisy was terrified and began squeeking and began to run away they was a huge chase around the knocking over tables and chairs and running under and over the furniture, but finally Pepsi caught Maisy and they took her back to their tower and sat her down on the very top this time Panda was allowed on the tower and at the very top for it was a very special occasion.

Maisy was trying to explain about drinking their milk and leading them on a chase around the house. but Magenta held up a paw to silence her, so she stopped... everything was silent for some time as the cats thought of what to do with Maisy, finally they made up their mind and took her as a friend and after a while family and let her live with them for the rest of their lives. The day the owner came home he saw the mouse at first was going to get rid of it because he thought the cats were going to eat Maisy, but then he noticed that they were protecting and cleaning Maisy. Finally he decide that he would keep her. He bought her a bowl so she had own and also a small tower of her own to play and live on just like the cats.

Describe Melmack, leave out the he and change to who after Pepsi in the first paragraph,kitten doesn't need a capital,with speech remember to go to different line for different character,aloud needs to be a different spelling.A nice ending.Lachlan