Yes, you guessed it!! It is CWA Speaking Competition time again!

For our new families....
Each year the Country Women's Association hold a public speaking competition. Every child in yrs 3-6 will participate, Each class conducts class finals and then the best speeches will be sent to the grade finals. The winner of the grade final then progresses to the CWA regional finals to be held at ALL Saint's College, Bathurst on Tuesday, 31st May, 2011.
The topics for this year are as follows;

Yr 5
A favourite place
Why do we have rules?
The day the teacher overslept

Yr 6
It's a free world
I was wrong
Its better to be different

Speeches should be 2 minutes in length and not go more then 10 seconds over time.
Here are a few hints that might help your presentation!

  • make sure your voice can be heard from the back of a large room
  • you do not need to reintroduce your topic as the chairmen will do this
  • open your address with Madam Chairmen,,,,
  • you will get a 30 second warning bell
  • no props are permitted
  • if you use palm cards they should be small and unobtrusive
  • number your palm cards in case you drop them on your way out the front !!!
  • vary the structure of your language, phrasing, pace and pitch of your voice.
  • include pauses if appropriate
  • have a logival development of your story or line of argument
  • include the audience in your presentation- eye contact, rapport with the audience
  • think about your body language, stance, gesture, and facial expression
  • have a strong conclusion; leave an impression on your audience. Your speech should be interesting and apt.
  • whilst some gesture and body movement may be appropriate, this is not a play!

Your speeches will be due in Week 8. You have plenty of time to work on them so get started nice and early. Don't leave it to the last minute!!
Calare children love this competition and the standard is very high, so give yourself a great chance by getting in early.

If you don't like public speaking, the best way is to be really prepared. Then you will be really confident and do a great job!
Tom taught us all about that last year! Good on you Tom! I still remember how great your speech was and what a good job you did!

Happy speaking,
Mrs A :)