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Mrs A
Mrs A's Hobbies, Hopes, DreamsI
When I have some spare time I like to sew quilts,but I am not as good at it as Mrs Cox!! I am also having fun scrapbooking photos from my trip to Europe last year on the computer! Watch out or you might get lumbered with looking at the photos. Don't worry, there are only a few!! A few thousand maybe!!! Four and a half thousand actually!!

I hope to go overseas again soon, but it won't be this year!!!

I dream of the day we win the Ashes back and Cronulla win the football grand finals!!!

Look at this amazing building. Many European cities were once surrounded by fortification walls to protect from their enemies. This building has been built into the old fortification wall!.

I hope you enjoy reading everyone's entries !

Mrs A

I think Europe is awesome because in Italy I could eat pasta. In France I would be able to see the Eiffel Tower. My Dad and Mum would absolutely LOVE it!!! Yolanda Lee Wu
Next time you go to Europe, can you take me with you? I would really love to go and learn a bit more about Europe! :Miette
To Miette,while you're there, why not bring me and my family!!! ha ha ha Yolanda Lee Wu
Mrs A. I like the joke about 'A few ...a few thousand maybe!!! Four and a half thousand actally!! Lol: Lilly
Mrs A : Thanks Lilly! I do like taking photos!!!
I absolutely love the idea of the WIKI!!! to be honest, I think the WIKI is one of the top three best things someone has thought of this year that I have heard about! Thanks a HEEP Mrs A! :Miette

i have never been overseas but it sounds fun:) Jess

Mrs A: Miette, I am trilled you like the wiki. I was hoping you would all enjoy it!. I should show you my photos of Amsterdam! You would love them! You would love traveling the world Miette. It is so exciting. You can start now. Maybe you could get a book and collect pictures or postcards from around hte world, glue them in and plan your dream trip, so when you are old enough you will know all about it! You even have a little currency you can use don't you !!!

Thanks Mrs A! I would love to travel the world! especially to Holland, were my dad use to live! I am really looking forward to the day that I travel down to Holland and meet my other nanna and my other auntie! We keep in touch with them by scype. :Miette

Poppy: Mrs A have you ever entered your quilts in a competition ?

Mrs A: No I haven't Poppy! Most of them are very simple but I have one I am very proud of! I'll have to show it to you some time. Mrs Cox is very good and Ben and Katherine have one prizes for theirs too!

Hey Mrs A, since I would like to travel the world and be a zoo keeper do they have many zoos or amazing animals in Europe Elise:) P.s. also has there been a Wicked show in Europe somewhere??

Mrs A: They do have zoos all round the world. You need to get a science degree to work in most zoos. Some private zoos don't require it! I think there must have been other shows of Wicked be

James.C: My mum is an amazing quilt maker but does not have much time lately.

Mrs A That's awesome James. She must be very talented!
Hey Mrs A I sometimes would do jump ball but I normally play all different types thanks for the comment.Nerida

Hey, Mrs A, when do the we have to say our story's infront of the class? I have done a story, I was only wondering though! :Miette

Hey Mrs A! Can you let me now when you get the results for the story-writing competion because I am really eager to now! I wonder what the prices might be! I hope you have a good holiday and I will have a good holiday I promise! :Miette
I have two sisters and one brother. My interests are singing, dancing and music. I hope I can travel to France. I am dreaming that one day I will be a worldwide performer.

A performer sounds really good for you and your tap dancing! And you can only go to France if you take me!! Elise:)
While your at it take me too!!! Yolanda Lee Wu!
Take me too. Katana

I'm coming too girls so don't get too excited about going by yourselves! :Miette

Mrs A: Lachie, I thought you were going to build amazing things when you grew up! Maybe you will build amazing concert halls to perform in ! How cool would that be! You should look at Shakespeare's theatre. He did just that! You'd love it! Google it!!!

i googled the theater it looked amazing lachlan

Glad you liked it Lachie, please edit your post!
Great work Lachie, but please edit your post!!
I have one brother, two cats and a dog. I like games and I one day want to make games myself.
I have a brother named Ben.My interests are swimming, reading and playing minecraft. When I'm older I'd like to be an actor.

Hey Jack I also think that you would be a really good actor when you grow up plus what is Minecraft? Elise:)

Jack:Elise just search minecraft on google.

Poppy: You are a really good actor and I can tell you are going to be an actor when you grow up !

I think acting really suits you Jack! I wouldn't be surprised if you become a famous movie actor!!! :Miette
I have a brother called Tyler. My interests are playing with my brother, running, swimming, reading and playing video games. When I'm older I'd like to travel around the world.

Mitch: wer would you lik to travel to
Awesome Kaelan I would like to travel the world too,to help animals in need! Elise:)
I have a sister called Ella and a brother named Jannik. My interests are dancing, netball and travelling to Canberra and Sydney.
We might be going to Canberra in March to see the Sky Fire with my BFF. When I am old enough, I would like to work for the
RSPCA and help those animals in need. I would also like to be a doctor. My Dad said that I should be a lawyer and make lots of money so I can buy him a Ferrari, but I don't think he really meant it!

Mrs A: Your Dad sounds like a very clever man Miette!! When you buy Dad's Ferrari, can I have one too ?!

I will have to look into that Mrs A! Miette

That sounds cool.Lachlan

While you're getting Mrs A,a ferrari get me a one too!! You would make an awesome doctor! Elise:)

Good idea but I don't think I would, unfortunately, have any money left after those two other Ferraries! Miette

Thanks for the complement Elise! I just love complements from my best friends! :Miette

the ferrari needs to go to me lachlan
Please edit your post Lachie!

We will have to have big vote to see how the two Ferraries go to! :Miette

Can we just get over the Ferrari subject because we don't even now if I will become a Doctor or a Lawyer yet! It's not like I can tell the future or something crazy like that! :Miette
I have a brother (mitch), a sister (megan) and another sister (kristen). My hobbies are; playing tennis,soccer,video games, riding my bike and scooter. When im older i want to be no.1 tennis player in the world. I also want to go to Italy because i like spaghetti.
Awesome I have met Mitch, and Megan played soccer with my brothers in their first year if you remember! But I haven't met.....

I have a brother (Hugh) and a sister (Claudia). My interests are playing piano, swimming, reading (Nanny Piggins is my favourite!!!), dancing and playing hockey.When I'm old enough I would love to teach swimming and then go to university to be a dentist.I would like to own my own surgery and provide care to kids with special needs. I'd like to travel the world and go to London, Paris, Thailand and China.On the 19/3/11 I went to relay for life it was sooo much fun and the next day it was my cousins birthday so we stayed up the night before till 12 in the night and he was given his presents really early in the morning or you can say really late in the night.

A really cool ambition Abbey!! Elise :) Thanks Elise

Mrs A: You will be able to train in Orange now we have our own dental clinic! . I taught swimming as a teenager. It is very rewarding!

I never new that Mrs A! And I also think that you have a very cool ambition Abbey! :Miette


My hobbies are to research R/C stuff and go onto my youtube -->my youtube
My interests are: this website, my website-->my web youtube, and R/C stuff (planes and buggies.)
I hope that the rc buggy that I am getting doesn't run out of stock!
And my dreams are to be a singer and pilot.
Mrs A: This sounds so very exciting. I don't know much about RC! You will have to bring some things into show me! Sounds like I have a lot to learn!

Sounds cool!!! the buggy looks really cool!!! Fergus

I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!!!!! ITS AN HSP WARHEAD!!!!!! meaning hispeed warhead-Joel
That ever thing was perfect there would be no petal instead solar power cars and no package just your own robot that give you every thing. no money every thing is free
Lavon, please add more detail. This needs alot more detail please! Look at my entry for an idea on what you might like to write about.
I agree Lavon and I think that would be in everyone's dreams somewhere! Miette

No money! That would be awesome! you could walk in a shop and just take what you wanted and then walk out again but people would become to greedy with them selves and there would be a lot of steeling! so it would be both good and bad if you really thought about it! still, a really cool hope or dream for the future! but you never now! It could become successful in the future! :Miette
I have a brother Ben who is in Year 7, and a little brother named Harry in Year 2. My interests are karate, dancing, Muay Thai, soccer, , swimming and runningand hockey. Ii have been to western in swimming and in running but some one pulled out of the relay team so i didn't get to go. My dad is a police officer and has been for 19 years and my mum has three jobs. We also have two rabbits named Flop and Snowyi actually use to have 4 so 3 died of a rabbit diese 1 ran awayi also have 3 chickens but they diont have names , one snake named Monty, a dog called Lucy, two turtles Poh and Ugway. They are so cute. I have one ginger coloured kitten, Snap, fish and I have my own pets that I payed for with my pocket money. They are hermit crabs, there is Spike Bubblez and Tink. My goals are to be a famous swimmer or runner. I also love animals. I wish that I could get another dog. My dream for this year is to get to the world championship for karate witch last year i was rated 4th in kata in australia jn girls and boys 5th in grappling jn girls and boys i have heaps of troughys down stairs. This year i made it to western regian in freestly 50 m and relay team. I also like to play guitar keyboard and flute.

Woah, you have loads of animals and your kitten sounds cute!! You are really awesome at karate ,swimming and running so I think being a swimmer or runner would be a really good! Elise:)

Mrs A: Jess,what fun your house sounds with all those pets! It is wonderful that you have long and short term goals. I bet you have a plan to go with the goals too! You must be training a lot! Work hard Jess and you are capable of anything!

Mrs A: Sorry to hear you lost some of your pets last week Jess.
I have 1 brother & 1 sister, both very annoying. My Intrests are singing, dancing, acting & scrapbooking. I hope that one day I might become a journalist, actor , hairdresser, or beautition.

Mrs A: Hi Maeve, you sound like a very creative person! It is so lovely having you in the class and it's wonderful that you have made such great friends since you have arrived! Do you go to dance classes?

Thank you Mrs A. No Mrs A not yet, but I want to.

I think that an actor would best suit you Maeve! I have 1 brother and 1 sister too and they are also both annoying and sometimes I wish they where taking a visit at my nan's house for the week! :Miette

Thanks Miette.

I have always wanted to become an actor! it is my life long dream to be a famous actor and meet Jim Carry! Jim Carry is the person who inspired me to become a movie actor! i really hope that it will come true one day and all of my friends say that I am a petty good actor! please wish me luck on my dream because I really want it to happen! :Miette

I also think that you would be a Great journalist Maeve! you would be good at lots of things! But I now for sure that one of the things that you are good at doing is being a really good friend! :Miette
When I have any spare time I like to play soccer, play cricket, read and see my friends. I have a beautiful black rabbit named Charlie, who is calm and playful. I have been collecting rocks and minerals since I was three to add to my collection. I love the different colours and patterns in the stones. One of my greatest dreams is to go to a Chinese festival to see the amazing dances and acts.

Mrs A: Chinese festivals are amazing William. You would really love them. I saw a few when I lived in the Philippines. They have amazing funerals too. The night we arrived in Thailand we heard all this bashing and screaming and we went out to see what it was and it was a pile of men in a ute or and they were bashing on saucepans etc to help send the spirit of the dead relative to the after life. I am pretty sure there is a Chinese dance/ gymnastics troupe performing in Sydney at the moment. You should get mum and dad to check it out!!!!! Wink Wink!!!

You have always been interested in rocks haven't you?? I remember in Mrs H's class you brought in different rocks with different colours in them!! Elise:)

Remember the time we sorted out all your rocks to make a fort!! James C

I want to go to your house and play with your rabbit! Male or female? I use to collect rocks back in Canberra. It was a petty large collection but we moved houses and I left them behind! There weren''t very many rocks at my new house so it ruined the whole thing! :Miette
James B

I abusolutley LOVE soccer and cricket and pretty much all sports! I play for Cavs on the weekend in cricket and Ex Servies Panthers in soccer. I have a dog named Lucy and she's a Golden Retriever. My dream is to play Inernational Soccer for Brisbane Roar and the Socceroos :)

Mrs A: James, such a talented sportsmen you are! It is so good you work hard at school because you actually have to be very clever to be a prfessional sportsman! You need to manage your career and finances, make important career decisions, read contracts. All exciting things!! Keep up the great work on the field and at school and you will be totally awesome !!

Hey, we have something in common, SOCCER! Haha. I hope you do become a professional soccer player (: Courtney

Haha cool hope you do as well :) : James

That's an awesome dream!! James C

Haha Thanks people :)

James C
My hobbies are motorbike riding and sheep work. I dream to one day ride professionally but for now I just ride in the paddocks.
I have a younger sister Jess. My dog's name is Sam.

Mrs A: You are learning so much about your bike too. How awesome is it to be abel to work on your bike with your dad!
James I am so impressed with your leadership this year. It is truely outstanding, thank you !

I love to act, sing and especially dance! My dream is to become a professional dancer. In my spare time I do alot of dancing,
and love doing it too! I love expressing my feelings through dance! I love hanging out with all my friends. I have two sisters, Summer and Tilly. I am a BIG fan of Harry Potter too.Also, I absolutely love my animals Rose, Jack, Mudgy (Lawson) and all my other animals. Dancing is by FAR the best thing to do!!!!

Mrs A:I can see how much you love acting through your dance, Poppy! You are an awesome dancer! Some of my past dance troupe people are professional dancers now. You could be too!! Work hard, keep enjoying it and most of all keep that great smile!!

You are one of the best dancer I have ever met and I truly mean that! I am a really big fan of Harry Potter as well! My favorite episode is The Goblet of Fire!, episode 4! :Miette

You are an awsome!! dancer you will definitely make it to School Spec this year too!!!!:Evy

Jess: You are so good at dancing Poppy :)

That is so cool Poppy, you are such a talented dancer!!! Phoebe(:

Thank you everyone ! Miette, my favorite one is Harry Potter Seven!

YOU have seen number 7? WOW! I have been dying to see it! you will have to tell me all about it! :Miette

Poppy: Yep i definitely will have to tell you about it Miette it is the BEST!

Mitch: Harry potter is so awesome but i reckon harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 is going to be the best by far

Poppy your dreams sound wonderful. Maybe you and I will end up dancing together in an industry one day? Thanks for being a nice friend-Logan...

Poppy: Yeah i hope we do Logan!!! and thankyou :)
In my spare time I like to play soccer. My dream is to make it into the Rep Team for soccer. I also wish that I could travel to New Zealand every year. But I think just going overseas for my birthday is pretty cool anyway (:

Hi Courtney. Have you been to New Zealand yet? I would love to hear more about this! Good luck with the soccer team. Mrs A

Hey Courtney you are so lucky to go to New Zealand!! Evy

Wow Courtney, that sounds really cool, hope you enjoy New Zealand!!!(: Phoebe!

Awesome Courtney, if you dont take me with you I'll sneak into your suitcase and it sounds like you are really good at soccer! Elise:)

Nerida:Hey I think you will get into rep soccer because you are a awsome soccer player.
Your really lucky to go overseas :) jess

Thanks everyone, haha Elise of course you can come (:

Hi, I have one little sister named Monty she thinks she is so perfect.My hobbies are dancing, playing piano and flute, did I mention I love to dance!! I don't have any pets but I want to get a dog or a rabbit. I haven't been out of the state but I've been out of the country. I've only been to Hawaii but I'm planning on going to Disney Land and Hawaii for Christmas this year. In Hawaii it's boiling hot all year around.My favorite thing to do in Hawaii is to shop till I drop, go swimming at the beach and go to lovely restraunts. I don't have any family in Hawaii, but my mum was born there. In fact my grandad opened the door for Elvis ( the KING ) he is so lucky! My dream is to become a perfetional pianist in Australia and hopefully around the world.(:
Can I come to Hawaii with you!! It sounds so cool! Elise :)u

Mrs A: What is Hawaii like Evy? What is your favourite thing to do in Hawaii? Do you have lots of family there Evy?
Your a fantastic dancer and you are so good at playing flute:) jess
Hey Evy, can I come too? You can come to NZ with me Haha Courtney (:
You are an awesome dancer Evy! I'm really not surprised how you and Brittney and the other good girls in our class in Yr 6 got into dance troop again this year! By the way, did I mention that I just love hanging out with you and Elise and Lauchie at recess and lunch! You three and the other people at school really make my day at school all the time!!! :Miette

Awww your so sweet : Lilly

Poppy: Wow Evy, what is Hawaii like ? I'v never been but really want to !
I have a brother (Thomas) and a sister (Samara). My hobbies are dance, swimming, music and soccer. I have a very cute golden retriever (Meg). I have been to every state in Australia. I have also been to Tasmania by boat and my family camped around in our camper tralior and tent. In Hobart, we went to the Chocolate factory. It was amazing, but the best part was the taste testing. I was born in Moree and then moved to Dunedoo. After that i moved to Bourke, then here to Orange.

Mrs A: You have seen more of Australia than me Gabby! How lucky are you! Sounds like your family must like camping! Have you ever been rained out? I'd love to know what your favourite place to visit was and where you have enjoyed living the most. I have relatives in Dunedoo!

Cool, that sounds awesome!!! Phoebe
Jess: the chocalate factory sounds sooooo..... yummm mmmmmm chocalate...
Brittney:I would like taste testing too. You are very lucky to have been to every state in Australia!

WOW!! I'll have to get you as a tour guide!!!! That chocolate factory sounds alright too!! Elise:)

WOW that is awesome Gabby
your so lucky: Lilly
WOW! Your such a good soccer player!!!!!!!!Nerida
WOW!!! I have have never heard someone travel so much! Next time you go to Queensland I'm tagging alone if you would be a kind friend! You are after all a good friend to me and of course Katana and Lilly and all those other girls! :Miette 

Still so sweetMiette " Lilly
In my spare time I love to play with my animals my cutest animal is chicko (below) she is a mini foxie.I love playing with our blue cattle pup Shamrock and also training him his a fast learner.he will give you a high five (really).I also love to draw .Mostly I draw baby animals ,but I also like drawing my animals .I love going to our local park ,we live next door to the park.It's also fun to take Shamrock for a jog at the Botanic Gardens.I take Chicko ,But her main hobbie is stealing my bed and playing with her best friend Pip.Pip loves to play with me and just watch the world go by.I got Pip when she was a pup i was only 8 months old we are the best of friends.As for Shamrock he loves destroying trampolines ,trees ,swings pretty much anything classed as not edible.When I grow up I want to be a vet because I hate seeing animals that are sad .

Mrs A: What a lucky girl you are to have such beautiful pets! I am not suprised that you want to be a vet. Keep working hard and that dream will come true!

\:) That is one of the cutest dogs I have seen! Abbey

Cutes picture of chicko I have ever seen Katana! Miette

It sounds like you have some pretty awesome pets!! Elise :)

I think that the pictures of your pets that you put on the Cute Pet's page are so cute! I can't wait to see Shamrock the dog that eats things that arn't edible! :Miette
My interests are cricket , watching movies, Harry Potter and reading. My hobbies are playing cricket and watching it. My dream is to play wicket keeper for the Australian cricket team!

Mrs A: I love cricket too Luke. I watch every ball in the holidays. I hope we get the World Cup on tv. I bet it will be only on pay tv!
If I were to play I would love to play wicket keeper too. I means you are always n the action!

I too am a cricket fan!! When I was younger I think 6 or 7 I went to wach the cricket with my Dad and got the signatures of Brett Lee and Ricky Ponting! I think the best thing about cricket are the KFC ads haha!!!! Elise :) I'm with you Elise!
Mitch: lets go australia lets go (woop woop)
Hey 5/6C my interests are Wicked,Twilight Saga,and reading and writing.Ever since the school saw Wicked last year I have been obsessed with it, at the moment we are doing persuasive texts so I am persuading my mum to let me see it this year, in August I think.My hobbies are keeping in touch with Chloe on an Ipod app called Facetime(sort of like webcam.) My other hobbies include playing with my dog Molly (she is sooo beautiful) going on Club Penguin,looking up Wicked on the internet and riding in my go-cart. My ambitions are when I grow up I would like to work at a zoo as a nurse or keeper(I LOOOOVE ANIMALS!)I would also like to play Elphaba in Wicked,weird but true and my greatest dreams are that animal cruelty will stop and orangutans will come off the endangered list.
Jess: You are are a awesome story writer. Your dog Molly is soooooo cute to on the cute animal page :)
I think you will get the part of Elphaba and you are so talented (:Evy!!
Thank you Evy, that means heaps!! Elise :)
You are incredibly crazy on Wicked and there is definately no problem with that! :Miette
My interests are dancing ,playing sport and reading I also like to hang out with courtney. My hobbies are dancing and alot more dancing I like to sing as well and do gymnastics. My dream is to become a proffesional dancer. I would also like to become a Doctor or Lawyer. I have four brothers. One in year 7 and one in year 2. I would like to travel to Paris or Hollywood. (If I get over my phobia of planes and boats). This year after Easter I am going to the South Coast to Batemans Bay (again) I love it there.

Brittney, you are going to be a fantastic dancer and I can see you turning professional. There are other members of my past dance troupes who are now professional dancers and and I can see you doing this too! Keep working hard at it! Your smile is worth a million bucks!!! Do you think you could edit you sentence for me so that it has capital letters and full stops!

Ok and thank you very much Mrs Alchin!

Britt, I hope your dreams come true and I'm sure they will. Your are a fabulous dancer and a great friend.-Logan....

Cool Britt, you are a great dancer. Katana

Thank you very much Katana!

Hey, Britt I really hope you do become a dancer because you are really good at it!! Phoebe (-:

That dream will come true just wait and see!! Evy

You are an absolutely talented and fantastic dancer I really hope you become a pro dancer!! Elise :)

jess; you are a awesome dancer britt

Nerida:You will be a profesional dancer because you are an extrodinary dancer.
Hi Everyone,
My hopes, dreams and hobbies are to be a world champion cricketer and to be a one of the best bowlers ever like Brett Lee.My hobbies are hitting a criket ball up and down on my cricket bat, once I have even done it one hundred and fivety times! My other interests are basketball and soccer.

Please edit your post Tom! Just a couple of little typos!!

Brett Lee is a wonderful bowler isn't he! You are going about becoming a fabulous cricket player the right way! Practise, practise, pracitse!! Don Bradman used to bat with a very thin bat so that when he got out in the field te real bat seemed massive. I suppose a bowler would practice bowling at a single stump!! You will be wonderful cricket player if you keep up the hard work. Remember the best way to become good at something is to ensure you always enjoy what you do !! Go Tom !

That's cool, have you ever done 151 hits before? Phoebe

Thanks Phoebe and no I have not yet.

Very funny Phoebe! :Miette
Hi my name is Logan Rumney. My number 1 hobby would have to be dancing. I absolutely LOVE dancing and I hope to become a dance teacher when I grow up or a professional dancer. My interests, besides dancing, are cooking and cycling. I would also like to study journalism. My goals and resolutions for 2011 are to try super duper hard at dancing and at school. I would like to make a difference in peoples life through dancing.

Wow Logan, you are such a talented dancer and I really hope your dreams come true!!! Phoebe(:
Logan you will be a great dancer when you are older you are brilliant at it.Brittney

Thanks guys it means a lot. I'm lucky I've got friends like you.-Logan...
logan you are really good at dancing-jess
Poppy: I thin you are an awesome dancer Logan , and i hope when we are older we can dance together!
Thanks for the nice comment logan Your are a great dancer.Nerida
You will definately become a perfessional dancer Logan. I'm serious you will!!(:Evy

My hobbies are dancing, soccer and reading. I wish to become a professional dancer or teach other people to dance. I like to read and listen to music. I wish to someday join the Australian National Ballet. I have lived in Orange my whole life and I have lived in the same house too. I really want to go to Paris and L.A, that would be cool. I have a dog (Ratso) and a cat (Sylvia) . My favourite author is James Patterson and my favourite singers are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Mrs A: Welcome to our class Phoebe! You have such special interests. What type of music do you like?

I really hope that wish comes true Phoebe! MIette

Thanks Miette, you are really sweet!!!
Brittney: You would be a great dance teacher Phoebe You just have to smile to make someone happy.
I hear that The National Ballet is really awesome,I cant believe how they do it and look so pretty!! And I love listening to music too!! Elise:) Thanks Elise

We have so much in common, I bet we are going to be friends for ages (: Courtney

jess: i like Talyor Swift to:)
Phoebe you are an amazing dancer. Stick to it!-Logan
you are awesome at dancing phoebe :)Jess
You are so lucky to be getting lots of nice comments of your paragraph! your lucky to have lots of friends that can read and comment on your awesome paragraph! :Miette

Poppy: I never knew you were such a talented dancer Phoebe! You will definitely become a professionla dancer if you follow your dream! xox
Hi everyone,
I have two brothers, a sister and a twin.My hobbies are basket ball. I play basketball at PCYC on a girls team.Another one of my hobbies is maths.I love maths.I wish that when I'm older I will be a profesional basketballer.in my spare time I like to listen to music and ride with my friends

Mrs A: Hi Nerida, I was a basketball player too! What position do you play? I generally played centre or guard. What is it like yo be a twin? I hope yu are enjoying our class.

Nerida, I hope you WILL become a pro basketball player when your older. I'm sure your excellent at it!-Logan...
Lee Wu!

Hi everybody,

My hobbies are playing soccer, badminton, basketball and I love singing and dancing!

I would love to be a singer, actress, teacher or a vet when I grow up!

I nearly forgot, I love reading!!! My absolute favorate all time author is Emily Rodda.

Last year at School Spec I loved Angel Tupai she has an awesome voice, I can sing exactly like her when I'm in the shower and the bathroom echos!

I'd really like to take singing and dancing lessons!

I like riding my bike with my awesome Dad, I like to ride my scooter too.

I do taekwondo ( a martial art) and I use to do karate, I've tried kung fu too.

I thoroughly enjoy tavelling and I've been to 4 countries. Australia, New Zealand, China and Singapore.

Mrs A: Wow you are a busy girl Yolanda! Which form of martial art do you like best? You are a very talented dancer and singer.

To Mrs A, my favorite martial art is Taekwondo.

What is your favourite Emily Rodda book?

My favorite Emily Rodda book is actually a series, the Raven Hill Series. I LOVE her books. I did a project on her last year too.

i never new that you did badminton Please edit your post Lachie!

I'm actually really awesome at it. P.S. Thanks for commenting Yolanda

Poppy: Yolanda you are an AMAZING singer, one of the best i'v ever seen!
Thanks so much Poppy and Phoebe! Yolanda
I have to agree with Poppy, you are an AMAZING singer and I heard badminton is a really fun sport. Never give up singing because you are really good. Phoebe
Thank you so much!!! Yolanda


My hobbies are playing cricket, riding my bicycle and playing with my Star Wars lego. I really want to be a lego Star Wars designer or an electrician like my dad when I grow up. In my spare time I like to listen to music on the sound system, play outside and draw. I played cricket in my team on Saturdays in Sydney with my friends and also got into the rep cricket team as opening bowler.

Mrs A: Welcome to our class Fergus! Wow, sounds like you are a wonderful cricket player. You will have to make sure you try out for the school team! Speak to some of the boys, you might be able to get into a weekend team here for the rest of the season! I know Tom is a keen cricketer!

Luke: awesome you should sign up for our team next season.

I like riding my bike on the weekends too!! And I would love to have a sound system! Elise:)

My dream is that I become a World known actress and singer/songwriter and win an Oscar. My hobbies are playing Mod-ball, singing,doing drama and dancing, I also love watching movies and playing on my DSI XL.My hopes are giong into AMWAY and becoming the highest name on the board, [other than the owners] and with the money I earn I will give 5% to charaties 10% to churches and give 5% to the peolpe who need it, and I will put 60% in my bank and give that to my kids.

I love this WIKI. I have two pets they are rats and I think they are sooooo cute,one's name is Rascal and he is brown and white, the other is Lou [Loutios] I call him Lou-Lou and he is Cream and white their food nick names are ''chocolate wafer'' for Rascal and ''Cream puff'' for Lou. They are both two years old which in rat years is 70 or more which is quite old for a rat.

Mrs A: So glad you like it Lilly! I am so pleased that you have settled in so well to school! You have made some very lovely friends. They will always stick by you! It really is important as a society for us to support those less fortunate. What a great value to learn when you are still so young.

Thank you Mrs A, you write the most special things for us <3 : Lilly

I LOVE THIS WIKI AS WELL LILLY!!! Isn't it the best idea ever to have a class Wiki so after our homework we hop on the computer, have a chat, post a joke, have a laugh, have LOTS of fun! :Miette

You are so right Miette and yes the WIKI is a great idea !!!: Lilly=)

Mrs A: Thanks guys I am so glad you like the Wiki!
I love this wiki too, it is such great fun!

Hey Lilli I remember playing your team it was a close game. James.C

What's up Lil? Can't wait to see you again! :Miette