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Here is one to get you started.....

Who's There?
Latin who?

What do you call a pub on Mars? Evy
Post your awswer below!
A mars bar[:

Post your suggested answers below !

Latin me in please ???
SO so so quick Brittney!! You will have to post one now!!

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire ?

frost bite

That is halarious Katana. (Britt)

Who's There?
Lettuce Who?
please post answers below :) Brittney

Lettuce In

Good one! (Jess)

Knock, knock
Who's there
Police who
Please let me in

Knock Knock
Who's there??

Euripides who??
Euripides trousers? Elise :)
Answer: you rip a decent pair of pants when you sit on a barbed wire fence.

Teacher: Be sure that you go straight home
Student: I can't, I live just round the corner! Lol I love that joke, I will use it next time we say jokes!!!: Lilly

Jess: Courtney (: It took me a while to work it out but its funny.
Awsome joke! I love it! Miette

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Three pigs
Three pigs who?
Three pigs who cant reach the dorebell


Mrs A: You win! I think it is too hard for us all!! You might have to let us into the secret!

Doctor, Doctor, you have to help me out!
That's easily done, which way did you come in?
I love it: Lilly
Gabby: That is a great joke.

Why thank you Gabby! Miette

Doctor, Doctor, everyone keeps throwing me in the garbage.
Don't talk rubbish!

Mrs A : Ha Ha

What did the bathroom sink say to the toilet?
You look flushed!!!

A blue house is made of blue bricks. A yellow house is made of yellow bricks. A red house is made of red bricks. An orange house is made of orange bricks. What would a green house be made of?
Luke: green bricks? Hmmmm maybe ....... bamboo =P: Lilly

William: It is made of glass.
There was once a third grade teacher that had to leave the class to get more work for her children and when she came back into the class all the students were perfect and silent.
She then asked why they were being so good and after a short time a small girl told her.
"Well Miss, you said if you ever came back into the class room and we were quiet you would drop dead."
Luke: Thats pretty funny Lol : Lilly that is so funny mitch

How do you confuse your dad? Give him two shovels, and tell him to take his pick!

Miette: love that one!!!

That's hilarious!!! Phoebe(:

When does a 'b' come after you 'u'?
answer: when you take its honey
Mrs A: That would be a sticky situation!
Miette: Thats a good joke Jess!
Phoebe: Ha Ha, that joke is funny!

Knock knock
Who's there?
Orange who?

William: Orange you going to let me in!


Knock, knock?
Who's there?
Butterfly who?
Answer- You butter fly away!
Answers below

You'd better fly off the slugs coming : Lilly
I'll take that as right! you were close enough! Miette
So close Lilly! Miette
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much: Lilly
Very funny Lilly! I'm happy to be at acquittance any time! :Miette

Teacher-So why was your brand new computer crushed and dead 5 minutes after you got home from school?
Child- Only because mum told me to hop on the computer and do my home work!

Phoebe: That cracks me up!!
Your welcome Phoebe! :Miette

How many country western singers does it
take to change a light bulb ?
Three, one to change the light and two to say
how good the old one was!

Lol : Lilly
Awsome joke Kaelan

What's black and white and red all over: Lilly
A sun burnt penguin,a zebra with chicken spots and a newspaper all the others are right to [I'lladd them to my list.] . Lol brilliant minds think alike: Lilly
What is black,white and red all over? James C
William:A red m&m in a tuxedo!
You've both typed the same joke!
You might have done it on purpose though! Mette

An embarrassed Zebra!! James.C Sorry Lilly I didn't notice but you might have some other cool answers.

What word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthend?

Whats big grey and if it falls out of a tree it will kill you?? A squirell: Lilly

There were two penguins in a bathroom.
One said: 'Hey dude can you pass the soap?"
What did the other one say???

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor??


Where is my tractor? James.C

Why did the boy cross the road???


Why did the koala fall out of the tree??
Because it was dead.
Why did the second koala fall out of the tree??
Because it was dead.
Why did the next koala fall out of the tree??
Peer pressure.
Why did the tree fall over??
Because the koalas didn't let go.


What do you call a deer with no eyes???

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs??
Still no idea.

Oh Fergus, you area crack up!!!


What are a robbers worst letters?
ICU :) that joke is one of my family's favourites :) Elise
Poppy: I was going to say O I C U but your still right! Wow your good!

Docter: Mr Godzilla sir, take a seat and I will be with you in a minute.
Godzilla: No thanks, I'm not hungry. James.C

I Love IT James! never heard that one before! I'm glad I haven't though so that I could hear it right hear on the wiki were it is more fun! :Miette

Why was piglet looking in the toilet? A. he was looking for pooh.
mitch ps hi everyone i miss u guys


What did one ear say to the other ear?

Knock, Knock?

Who's there?


Abbott Who? Please post answers below!-Logan...

Abbot time to open the door? Elise:)

Your 100% correct Elise well done!-Logan

How long does it take a footballer to change a lightbulb??

Footy player: Duuh What's a lightbulb? James.C


What gets bigger as you take more out of it?

Space! (as in the space you have in your house) :Miette

Not quite Miette. A hole!

Whats big, grey and if it falls out of a tree it will kill you??

A carpark- Fergus

Whats pink and fluffy??

Pink fluff!!!-Fergus

Whats brown and sticky??

A stick- Fergus

Here's a riddle...
There's a man in jail. He is in a room with another room next door.
There is a non-see through door joining the rooms. in the room that the man is in, there are 3 lightswitches.
In the other room there are 3 light bulbs. He can only go through the door ONCE. He can only turn one lightbulb on at a time.
To get out of jail he must figure out which light switch is for each light bulb.
How can he do it??

On the first light switch, he turns it on for a while, then turns it off.
The second one he doesn't touch,
And on the third one he turns it on then leaves it.
He then goes through the door and feels the light bulbs- Fergus