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Hi guys, just wanting to say a quick hello and to give you a qick update on things...School is OKAY, we had our sport carnival on Friday and Ora Banda (yellow) won!!! I'm in Ora Banda. I got a 1st, 2nd and 4th in team games. It was a really great day because it was really hot then all of a sudden it started to rain! So that was good... Untill next time!:Lillli

HEHE, I'm guessing you all now know that I'm coming back over to Orange and if you didn't you do now. I am SOOOOO excited that I am coming back over and I think I will be in the same class so..... YAY!!!! Can't wait to see you'se again catch'as :LIL

HI Lilly
Hope you have settled back into term 2 well. It is getting very cold here! Autumn was very pretty though!
We all enjoyed camp. Does your school go on camp?
Take care. Say hi to mum!
Mrs A
Yes I have settled in great thanks, yes we go on camp but only in year 7( It's really annoying!!!! Lol).:Lilly

Mrs A: Hi Lilly hope you are settling into your new school well!
I'm going ok Mrs A but really miss you and the class and the whole school!!! : LIL

Hey everyone going great. Miss you still and totally want to see you all again. Please say hi to Kierra and hope you all are having an awesome time, Love yas all :LILLY!!!

I will tell Kierra. Yolanda

Evy: Heyy Lilly we really miss you and I hope we can see each other in the future.

Oh we totally will I'll make SURE of it lol :LIL

Yolanda: What's up lilly, we really miss you!!! I just wanted to tell you, we have a new girl in our class and her name's Kierra. Remember we're always BFF's where ever we are!!!

How is Perth? Hot enough for you : Kaelan

Perth was good , now I am in kalgoorlie thank you for asking : LIL
Hope you are enjoying yourself Lilly: Lachlan aka little dance guy
I am but I want to come back and see you guys again : LIL

Hay Lilly! Really miss you Lil! Hope you had a safe trip. Moved in well I hope! :Miette
Miss you to Miette. Mum and I had a great trip and mum kicked out my Uncle.WE are living in his house but it's ok because he wanted to move out anyway : LIL
I was starting to think that your mum was being a bit crazy by just randomly kicking out your uncle! still think of you every day! Miette

Hi lilly, I hope your having fun at Kalgoorie. Yolanda

Hey hey Lil!! How are you going up there!!! We all miss you heaps!! What was flying in the plane like? I've never flown in a plane before!!
From Elise.
Hi Elise I'm going pretty good. I miss you all aswell, I think mum does to lol.Flying in an airoplane is great but I hate the landing because my brain feels like it is going to explode but don't worry that is just me.I think you will love flying in an airoplane, it is a great experiance : LIL

Maeve: Hey Lilly! How's it going way over in where ever you are!
Awwwwww you guys. I am in Kalgoorlie Boulder which is a mining town a bit bigger than Orange.I am going to a school called O'connor, which is named after the man who made the Pipe Line coming from Perth to Kalgoorlie. I am doing fine but miss you all. I hope you all are doing great and are having heaps of fun .Love you all Lilly.Hey Lilly!

It's Miette again! I really wish that you hadn't moved to WA! yr 5 had to say there speaches on Monday (28.3.11)Josh and Seamus made it through! some people are saying that they have to say there speeches in front of the whole school on Wednessday (30.3.11) but just think that they are making it all up! How is WA going? Settled in well I hope! Please Respond:MIETTE I wish I hadn't either but life is very peculiar . How where the speaches ? Congratulations to Josh and Seamus!!! I have moved in well and am doing fine but really miss you and everyone else lov ya's : LIL

The speaches were really good and William in our class also made it through to the finals in the year speaches! You made a big mistake to m ove away..........
BECAUSE EVERYONE MISSES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Miette! P.SA. I miss you most! Only if you miss me!
Of course i miss you Miette, I hope that you are having fun over in Orange
hi lilly hope you have a great time lavonI will but I am going to miss you all : LIL