Broken Bay was loads of fun.
Take a look at these photos!
Unfortunately the photos are mainly of my group,
but it will still bring back memories!
There are a couple of extra photos!
Broken Bay

Easter time is great fun at Calare.
Take a look at our fantastic dioramas!
What fun !
Easter Time

We looked at an Indigenous painting called the Garden of Eden.
Here are some of our appropriations of that art work.
Hope you enjoy them!
Garden of Eden- Photos

We have been working on some ANZAC Day art work.
Some of us have them finished!!
We hope you like them!

Happy Birthday to the awesome Jess!!
Hope you had a great day!
Thanks heaps for the yummy cakes!
Happy Birthday Jess

Check out the launch of Southern Skies!
James, Elise and Jack really enjoyed it!
Can't wait to see the photos Mr Cundy took of you all launching rockets!
Southern Skies

Congratulations everyone on how hard you have been working. We had another great week!
Thank you!
I have posted the photos Nerida took of you today with some of hte work you are proud of.
Hope you like them !
Mrs A
Look at how hard we have been working!

Here are just a couple of shots of some of our class members conducting the
first SRC Meetings for the year.
Congratulations you were awesome everyone!
Mrs A
SRC- First Meeting

We conducted the second experiment in our Primary Connections Science Unit this week.
The children had to role play various orbits and record their observations.
Mrs A

We all wished Phoebe a happy birthday this week!
Sorry only a couple of photos, must remember to charge the battery on the camera!!!
Hope you had a good day Phoebe!
Mrs A
Phoebe's Birthday

Check out the latest additions to our galley!
I hope you enjoy them!
Thanks to Mrs Puxty for taking photos during the item.
By the way,,,,, be sure to check out our new students,
Jamima, Willma. Joshmina, Camille & Popper !!!
Mrs A
Assembly Term 1

Hi Everyone,
This will be our special events page where we can post pictures and comments about special school events.
Congratulations boys on a great swim!