Fooled You
Casey was on a year six school camp. At this school camp, was a haunted church that was next door. It had semi-oval windows, cob webs all around it and many people say that a ghost of a Christian priest lives inside. Most people are too scared to even touch the fence which sits in front of it. There is a small gate to enter, which squeaks loudly when it gets opened.
Casey had woke up early on Wednesday morning, it wasn't even six am. She heard familiar voices whispering, she worked out it was the mean girls of the grade Jeanette, Rochelle and Ash. They were talking quietly, obviously thinking that everyone was asleep. But Casey wasn't. “Lets scare Casey tonight until till she cries, now lets think of the plan!” Casey did not hear the rest.
That night while all the other kids where at the camp-fire telling scary stories about the church, the mean girls came up to Casey and said, “Ah, do you want to be our friend, if you do come with us!” Of course Casey wanted more friends because she was the lonely girl, so she went with them. They walked over to the Church. Casey said, “remember what the teacher said about here, we will get suspended.” “Yes” said Jeanette “but don't worry she wont find out!”
They had a game to see who can go around the corner and knock on the door. Casey knew that they had planned this, so she wanted to play a little joke on them. The first to have a go was Jeanette, but she only got to the corner before she got too scared and sped like a cheetah back to the girls. Next to try this daredevilry dare was Casey because Ash and Rochelle where to horrified.
Casey said proudly “I'll go”. The other girls smirked with laughter saying “You can't, you're too scared”. Casey ran around the corner, but she didn't knock on the door, instead she kept running all the way back to bed in the girls dormitory.
The girls waited, NO Casey, ten minutes went by, No Casey, twenty minutes went by NO Casey. They decided to go in to look for Casey. Ash said “ But we don't have a torch!”
“I do” said Rochelle, so they all held hands and walked up to the door and opened it. It squeaked loudly but they kept walking as the floor boards cracked under them. They saw scary movements of the dust through the air, but nobody was there so walked back out. “No hope” said the girls sadly. They walked back to the dormitory sobbing and crying hoping the teacher never knew what they had done, and how Casey was lost.
When they walked back in to the cold, old dormitory sobbing and crying they heard a noise. They quickly grabbed hands and closed their eyes. They opened their eyes while they walked back to the bed. It was then that they saw the note on Casey's bed saying FOOLED YOU with a smiley face and there was Casey, fast asleep.

Poppy: thats a great story Jess (: