A Dancer’s Life
“CRACK! Oh Suzy could you come down and help me with this!?” What a way to wake up in the morning. That would be my mum ‘attempting’, to make scrambled eggs! “Quickly now if you want to eat before your start at your new dance school!” Just weeks ago, my family and I moved from our hometown in Pomona, to the lovely beaches of Brisbane. My family made a huge sacrifice for me, leaving behind friends and jobs, just so I could fulfill my dream of becoming a dancer.
I quickly slid on my dancing gear, pulled a jacket and some tracksuits over top, and ran downstairs. After looking at what mum called ‘scrambled eggs’, I decided I was better off having toast instead. Only an hour until I start at my new dance school, ‘Mary Ann’s Ballet Academy’, much stricter than the small one I went to at Pomona. Time must have flown by, because before I knew it, we were in our little Holden car, pulling up in the car park outside the school.
Butterflies flooded through my, already-too-nervous body, as I walked up the fancy steps towards the studio. It only took me a couple of minutes to realize that these classes were going to be intense. Three days a week we would do 2 hours of ballet with only a 5 minute break in between. Every day when I could find the spare time, I would practice everything I had learnt from the previous lesson, from pirouettes, to gronjetes. Working harder than ever, I would dance until it was dark, making sure I got everything spot on.
Two months had passed and during that time I’d made one really good friend called Elizabeth. The tough class had just finished when our dance teacher informed us that the auditions for The Australian Ballet were coming up! We both smiled at each other through our heavy panting. I’ve always dreamt of attending there!
With only a couple of weeks to go before the audition, our dance teacher, Mary Ann, had been training us harder than ever! The day of the audition she wished us luck and even told me privately how much I’ve improved.
We jumped into our little car and drove off. Everything was going smoothly until; ‘BUMP!’ we had a flat tyre! And there was only five minutes until the audition! It would be impossible to make it! By the time we finally got there, someone had informed us that it was over. I felt like my life had stopped.
Just as I was walking out the door, Kevin Jackson, one of the three ballet principals, stopped me and said in a mysterious tone, “Dance for me.” “Sorry?” I replied, not really knowing what to say. “Dance, I mean, you are a dancer aren’t you?”
Music suddenly filled the large room and it was almost as if magic had overtaken my whole body! I danced and danced, not really knowing what I was doing. Feeling and listening to the music in my head and then expressing it through dance. It felt magical! I hadn’t actually realized the music had stopped and I kept on dancing. The man smiled at me and said “Be back here at 2:00pm next week, I want to see more of you.” Happiness spread through my whole body as mum ran to give me a hug. All of this had been worth it, the tough, long training sessions. This was the first day I had truly felt like a dancer. With a little bit of passion and determination, you can achieve anything!
I love your story it is extrordinary/Nerida

Thanks Ned. Means a lot!-Logan