Laura’s Magical Powers
Many, many years ago there was a young girl named Laura who had magical powers. She could move anything without even touching it!
When Laura started school she found it really hard to get all the answers correct in tests. She decided to take the smartest kid’s answers off their page and put it on her own page, to make her look clever. Nobody knew about Laura’s magical powers or that she cheated. Instead Laura got all the credit for other peoples work!
When Laura worked out that cheating was one of the worst things to do, she stopped. A few weeks later her teacher called her back after class and said, “your test results are terrible at the moment. Is something happening at home that I should know about?” Laura replied, “There is nothing going on at home!” Laura wasn’t sure whether she should tell her teacher about her magical powers or whether she shouldn’t. “I just um…. Have um….. I have magical powers”, said Laura. “You have powers!” exclaimed Mrs. Abbott “Yes”, explained Laura. “Here I will show you. Look at that glass of water can you see it moving? ” said Laura. “Yes, yes I can!” cried Mrs. Abbott startled.
“You really do have magical powers, but how does that affect your tests?”, she asked. “Well um…. I took James’ (the smartest kid in the class) answers off his page and put them onto my own”, whispered Laura. “And I suppose you worked out that it is wrong to cheat”, said Mrs. Abbott. “Yes”, whimpered Laura. “Well I don’t want you to be late for your dinner, but please do not use your powers for unnecessary reasons,” said Laura’s kind and caring teacher.
Even though Laura’s teacher told her not to use her powers for unnecessary reasons she still did!
Laura knew that her teacher would keep a close eye on her in the classroom, so she used her special gift outside instead. Laura always thought about doing horrendously horrible things, and the sad thing was, as soon as she thought of one, she did it!
Some of the appallingly atrocious things that Laura did were tripping people over when their shoe laces were undone, making people fall off the top of the monkey bars and taking peoples lunches out of their bags. Everyone was puzzled, because so many bad things were happening! But Laura new exactly why, and she kept her mouth shut!
One day when Laura wasn’t being careful she got caught. Laura took an L.C.M bar out of Jemima’s hand, Jemima saw the L.C.M bar fly through the air until suddenly it dropped into Laura’s hand. Jemima got up quick smart and ran as fast as the speed of light to her teacher Mrs. Abbott! Jemima blurted out “Lauhapoershetokmylunch!” Mrs. Abbott said, “take a deep breath and tell me what happened s..l..o..w..l..y.” Jemima did as she said and exclaimed, “Laura has magical powers, because she took my L.C.M bar from my hand and put it in hers without even touching it.” Mrs. Abbott was not impressed and stormed over to Laura straight away! “I thought we had a deal,” she screamed. ”To the principal’s office NOW!” shouted Mrs. Abbott.
Laura was spoken to for a long and terrifying thirty minutes, until she knew that her magical powers were only for when she was in danger, otherwise they were to be left in the principal’s office. Laura got suspended for three weeks and her parents grounded her.
Laura made a big mistake and cannot fix it even with her magical powers!