It started out with a ghost story that became real, a missing child and a scary 12am blackout.
My friends, Olivia, Ella and I had a sleep over. Everyone has had one. So one of the girls forgot their toothbrush. That wasn’t the problem. One of the girls brought their summer clothes in the middle of winter. That wasn’t the problem either. We decided to tell ghost stories. NOW that is where the problems started.
We ended up telling ghost stories because we were bored and had run out of ideas. We needed to make this sleepover a great sleepover, the best sleepover we had ever had.
Olivia started off, then me, then Ella. Some of the stories were quirky, some scary, some funny and some of them didn’t make any sense at all. We had been telling stories for quite a while now and we were getting tired so we decided to go to sleep.
We were all rugged up in our blankets and then a dark silhouette the size of a tall skinny man appeared in the other room. We couldn’t be sure. The air around us became still and you couldn’t hear a breath. We all jumped up and turned on the lights to see what it was but we couldn’t see the figure. We split up and searched the house. We all took turns searching different parts of the house but to no avail. We searched the bedrooms but not mum and dads room because if they found us snooping around we would be sent to bed. We all looked in my brothers room but we just saw a little boy snoring like crazy. Then we looked in my sisters room and she wasn’t in her bed so we just assumed she was in my parents bed.
We all decided to go to bed again but this time with the lights on and once we saw the ghost we would make a plan.
We pretended we were sleeping like any good children (but how would you be able to go to sleep when it was thundering outside and when the lights were on) and then the dark silhouette was slowly coming closer and closer. The lights flashed on and off 3 times and then the room turned dark. All the screaming of us girls scared the silhouette away.
This time the silhouette looked much smaller than it was before. It looked like a small child maybe it could be Casper the friendly ghost not a big scary ghost but you couldn’t know.
We tried to turn the lights on numerous times but nothing ever changed. The room stayed the same, pitch black. This pitch black room was different to any other night because it was thundering outside and we had ghost stories in our heads.
We had all been pushed to our limits and couldn’t take anymore. The night was cold and we were trying to stay warm go to sleep and forget our worries and maybe we were just making it up in our heads. Well we were trying to think positive.
Of course, another thing to turn us off sleeping. It was a grumble like a lion roaring. We all cuddled up. Olivia was praying, I was cuddling harder than ever and Ella was doing something crazy that I have never seen before. And all us girls started screaming. Now boys I know what you are thinking. Oh my goodness girls scream a fair bit. Well I have got an exact answer for that. WE WERE SCARED!!! Well anyway there was a scream and it wasn’t us girls because we had run out of breath from our screaming and it sounded a fair bit like my sister, Claudia. What if we were wrong about my sister, what if she wasn’t in my mum and dads room, maybe the ghost had got her.
I yelled out “we will give anything for her back” but my sister replied, “I want some cake”. Then Ella replied “maybe the ghost doesn’t speak English” Olivia yelled out to Claudia if she was ok and she replied with I am hungry, but she is always hungry though!
We heard Claudia scream again but this time it was at a long distance away like the other side of the house. Ella’s hands were over her mouth. Olivia’s eyes were like ping pong balls and I was holding my breath and had my eyes closed. What if this was the last time? Well I tell you we were NOT going to let that happen.
We grabbed 3 soap bars, 3 pillows and 3 sheets of plastic. We also grabbed a camera and a belt. Luckily we had all these items. We smothered the soap all over the floor in the kitchen. We laid the plastic on the bottom of our pillows so we could slide around easier than slipping every five seconds. We had the belt to tie up the ghost and a camera to take pictures for evidence. Most of all we had team work.
All of us girls hid under the table waiting for the ghost then Claudia walked in with no ghost and she went straight to the fridge. Us girls jumped out in amazement. There was no ghost. It was just our heads. Silly us it was Claudia the whole time.
What I don’t understand is the silhouette was tall not small. We have had enough frights for tonight and really deserve some cake, all of us.
By Abbey