Mr. Enricht finds a Friend

In no particular country, in no particular state there was once a man called Mr. Enricht. He owned a colossal factory that made toys and shipped them all over the world. He owned a mansion with a huge library {He was a real book-worm}. He had everything he wanted in life and more!
One day Mr. Enricht was sitting in his library with a cup of hot cocoa, reading a book about jungle cats. It was not a particularly interesting book so he decided to go for a quick stroll out on the town.
As he was walking he saw kids playing tag in the park, he saw a group of friends having a party at a local restaurant and a soccer match being held at the oval. All of a sudden a certain feeling began to creep over him. Mr. Enricht was lonely!
As Mr. Enricht lay in bed that night he had a think about his dilemma. He had friends well business acquaintances. But they only ever wanted to talk to him about money.
The next morning he decided to walk to Samburg City Park to try and solve his problem. As he was walking a man shouted, “Stop that thief! He stole my wallet!”
Mr. Enricht’s head shot up just in time to see the crook run past. Mr. Enricht shot his leg out and tripped the villain over. The wallet flew out of his hand and onto a grassy patch two metres away. Mr. Enricht ran over to the wallet and picked it up as the crook fled.
“Thank you for getting my wallet back,” said the man who had previously been robbed,” My name is Michael.Would you like to join me for lunch? It’s the least I can do.”
“Sure, why not?”
The two soon became fast friends. So that is how Mr. Enricht found a friend and stopped a thief in one day.