Pink Ribbons
I had wanted to be a ballerina for as long as I could remember. I attended ballet classes at Miss Pepper’s School of Dance when I was just four years old, along with my best friend Mia.
Mia had stopped at the age of nine, I think she preferred pony riding instead. But I loved dance! I practiced hard passed all my ballet exams and then, when I was eleven, I got a place in Madame Rosa’s Central Ballet School in the city. It was a dream come true!
“So you actually have to sleep there too?” asked Mia, as she sprawled on my bed, watching me pack my suitcase. “Just during the week,” I replied. “I’ll come home most weekends.” “But why do you have to sleep there? I don’t understand,” cried Mia. I Just shook my head in confusion.
The next morning I went to my new ballet school. I loved the ballet school’s light, airy practice studios with huge mirrored walls. I loved my pretty bedroom, which I shared with carrol and chloe.
Madame Rosa walked in through the doors and into the studio where everyone was warming up. “Places girls,” called Madame Rosa. Everyone went into places and they started learning a dance called Swan Lake. We tried out for parts and I got the lead role but Carrol was the backup. I was so happy.
The next day I started rehearsing and everyone liked my improvisation. But as the week went on and I started feeling home sick I wasn’t dancing as best I could. Madame Rosa suggested getting new ribbons. So I went to the best shop in town and told the lady that I couldn’t dance as good. She said to me “Try these ribbons they are very special and they have magical powers.” I took them and then went back to class to sew them on.
The next week it was the performance day I couldn’t find my new and special ribbons anywhere! I looked and looked but there was no sign of them anywhere .I ran back to the lady and said “I can’t find my magical ribbons anywhere, please help me get another pair.” “I can’t,” she replied. “You see those aren’t really special or magical I just told you that so you would believe in yourself. You know Madame Rosa once came to me with the exact same problem, so I gave her some ordinary ribbons and said that they were magical and she believed me, so than she did her performance brilliantly and then I told her that they weren’t at all magical. So off you go and dance like you have never danced before!”
I ran back to the theatre practiced for a while and then I could see the seats in the auditorium start to fill up. I looked out from the first wing I was proud and nervous at the same time.
The lights went down everyone was quiet then the music started. I danced and danced all the way through the night. Finally it was finished everyone clapped and cheered all the students came out and did their bow and I had never been prouder of myself.
Straight after that I went back to the shop and thanked the owner so much for making me believe in myself.