The Cave

Once on a cold, gloomy day, there lived two friends named Barda and Roary. They had been friends since birth and were now sixteen years of age.
One day, on their way to go fishing, they came to an enormous cave so they decided to go and explore it. As soon as they entered the cave, a boulder mysteriously closed off the cave entrance and all the torches on the wall lit but to their surprise, they could see no-one.
They slowly and quietly crept through the cave until they came to a sword stuck in a gigantic boulder with a sign next to it reading “Only the chosen on may remove the sword”.
Roary asked Barda “What on earth does that old shabby sign mean?”
Barda replied “I don’t know but I’m about to find out!” and at that moment Barda went up to the sword and tugged at it as hard as he could but failed to even loosen it!
Roary went over to the rock and started to read the sign over and over again. Without even knowing it, he put his right hand on the sword and suddenly his mind was full of ideas. He was about to get up and tell Barda all his ideas when a monstorous shadow emerged from the darknessand footstep shook the ground. Roary rose off the ground quicker than he thought and he pulled the sword out of the boulder with no struggle at all. Both friends were astonished at what Roary had done however they had to be ready for combat with whatever was coming.
The monster moved right in front of them and they saw its massive jaws and its enormous black claws. Its face was as black as night and its legs as powerful as an elephant. It came charging at Roary like a bull at a gate. Roary acted quickly and dodged the monstorous being, swung his sword and swiftly cut off its legs so it couldn’t charge any more. The monster lay helplessly on the ground doing nothing but sharpening and fiddling with his claws.
Eventually, the monster then threw something to Barda. It was a black sword was carved out of a claw. As soon as the monster threw the sword he disappeared and the cave entrance cleared and they were free.
Barda realised this when he saw the sword next to him shining in the sunlight. He picked up the sword and yelled out to Roary to say that the boulder had cleared. So they bolted to the exit just in case the boulder went back to the position it was in before.
So every time they went past the cave they remembered what had happened that day.