The door of doom!!!

Sure, most of you have heard about the pencil of doom! But what about the door of doom!!!! Well let’s get started…….
This story is set in a small town called “Pleasant View.” There is only one bad street in Pleasant View, it’s called “Devil Holes” street. It does sound pretty bad just the name BUT it is a lot worse than it seems. How the street got its name is by a young explorer D-Vil Holes, he explored the town. He looked up, he looked down, he looked left and right through his new telescope. And as he was walking he fell down a large hole about 20 metres down and the hole that he fell down was shaped as a devil!!!!! As he fell he broke his left leg and they had to get a full old fashion winch to get him out of the devil hole.
Nowadays a big eerie house RULES the street and its pot holes. No one DARES to go near the old man Mr. Barbolder’s house on the hill of death, not even people who “aren’t afraid of anything.” But one person named Jacob Mills (that’s me surprisingly).
One day on Friday the 13th, I went to the house. Now I wouldn’t have gone if I knew it was Friday the 13th but when I bought my watch someone set it 3 days after the real date. I got dared to do this, and my watch said that it was the 16th not 13th. So, I slowly walked past the devil holes and found a black cat in one of the holes. For some strange reason it barked at me, not meowed at me. I stopped and stared at it for a while and then kept walking slowly up to the old man’s house. My friends were scared for me and I was scared half to death! I just kept walking though, closer and closer to the eerie old house. Once I reached the gates I slowly opened them and walked to a fungus infested small green lake. There were three old planks of wood for the bridge. Two formed an X shape but the third plank of wood went straight through the middle of the X. I crossed it slowly, checking for anything that would jump out at me, but I made it to the other side and walked up the gravel path. CRUNCH!!!! What was that!? Phew! It was only me stepping on an old biscuit. What a relief. I walked up to the door, (yes the door of doom) and rang the bell, but only once as I didn’t want to make Mr. Barbolder angry. I heard the creaking of floor boards coming towards me. The door handle turned and an old wrinkly man opened the door. He said in a cheerful voice, “Hello, what’s your name?” I was shaking like crazy. I said to the old man , “-j-j-j-Jacob”. The old man smiled and gave me $5.00. He said to me, “this is for bravely walking up to my house. You are my one and only friend.” He also said “If you ever need anything or want to say hi just come over”.
I smiled at the old man and said good-bye and walked back toward my friends. They looked at me with very surprised eyes. “Woh!” they said. “That was awesome!”
Now we still visit the old man. He gives us gifts so we give him gifts.
And that’s the story of the so-called “door of doom.”