The Wild Flowers
It was finally March, the flowers were all blossoming and the birds were all singing happy tunes. All the puppies were chatting. ‘’Are you going to Chickos birthday, she’s turning three you know?’’, said little adventurous Molly ‘’I am going, even if it was horrible last year!’’ ‘’Yeah I’m going, there could be a soda fountain!’’, said a young cattle pup called Shamrock” her parents are organising it this year!’’
A few days later Chickos party was on, there was cake, ice cream and gifts, but somehow everyone seemed to be bored silly. Shamrock and Molly gazed at a field of purple and pink wild flowers. After a while Molly and Shamrock decided to go down and play in the beautiful flowers, ‘’Can I play with you?’’, yelled Chicko. They agreed and the three all raced down towards the flowers.
When they got to the paddock of flowers they were greeted by a cute little bunny ‘’hi’’, he said ‘’ would you like to come to my house?’’ They all agreed, the rabbit grabbed their hands and began to speak crazy talk, then all the puppies fainted.
When they woke up they saw the bunny again. ‘’Welcome to my wacky house’’ he yelled. All the pups looked very intimidated by all this crazy nonsense. ‘’Come I shall give you a tour’’, the pups just starred “Well come on’’, he said.
They walked down a scary hall, first they came to a big red door, ‘’Do not under any circumstances open this door an angry old lion lives behind it!’’ Next they came to a bright pink door, he opened the door to reveal a massive room of toys, there were trains, balls and even bones. Then they come to the final door it was plain old blue, he slowly opened it and hopped inside. ‘’This is where you will be sleeping!’’
'' But bunny we must go home”, said Shamrock in a stern voice.
“No, you’re staying right here in this very room!’’, he said grumpily. Bunny slammed the door!
’It’s like he knows who we are’’ said Molly
“He’s locked us in’’, said Chicko ‘’but I have an idea!”
Chicko took three yummy looking cupcakes from her pocket, ‘’Hey’’, she yelled ‘’If you let us go back home I’ll give you three delicious cupcakes’’ The bunny opened the door and looked at the cakes, ‘’ deal’’, said bunny taking the large cakes. ‘’yum”, he said with a grin from ear to ear.
The pups walked down the hall to find a door, the sign on the door said, ‘’exit!’’ the pups agreed to go through the door. They slowly opened the door, inside it was black. They held hands and counted, 1, 2, 3 jump.
Seconds later they found themselves laying in the paddock of wild flowers. They stayed in the paddock of pretty wild flowers for a while, playing tip and just enjoying the view. Then they began to walk back to the party, picking some wild flowers now and then. When they got back to the party everyone else had already left, but another gift had appeared. Chicko unwrapped it to discover a bunch of wonderful rainbow flowers, there was a note. It said, ‘’Dear Chicko, thank you for the cake, have a wonderful day, signed your bunny friend. ‘’
”What a nice little bunny he turned out to be !’’, giggled Chicko as they ran back down to the flowers to play
‘’Indeed’’, laughed Shamrock and Molly”
‘’This is the best party in the history of the world’’, said molly now rolling in the wild flowers.

By Katana Murphy