The Gigantic Fish And The Little Fisherman!
“Oh YEAH! It’s my birthday today” said George. He raced down the hallway to his mum and dad’s room.
“Slow down mate” Dad said, “You don’t want to hurt yourself on your birthday”.
“What did I get, what did I get” George asked in an energetic voice. “Well son we bought you a very expensive present. Here you go!” Dad said as he handed the unknown present to his son.
RIP RIP RIP. George went with the paper in a frantic motion.
“Wow! It’s a fishing rod and lots of lures” said George explosively surprised. “Hey son were going to go deep sea fishing together this afternoon” said dad. ”Okay I’m definitely coming with you!” George said with a super excited voice. “On one condition, you have to go to school today”, said dad. “Ohhhh Dad do I really have to” said George in a moby voice.
“Yes Son you do” Dad replied. “ok but if I go to school my smelly little sister is NOT coming fishing with us”. “DEAL” Dad replied, happy to finish the conversation.
So George suddenly jumped into the car and we set off to school. George popped out of the car and raced over to his friends and told them what he got for his birthday. They were all excited when George told them he was also going deep sea fishing with his Dad and they were all asking if they could go with him.
It was going to be Georges first time at deep sea fishing. He was so excited that school took forever. Instead of taking 6 hours it felt like 12 hours to him.
BRING, BRING, finally the bell rang and he wanted to get out of there as fast as lightning. He zoomed out of the class room, and he didn’t even say good afternoon to Mr Smith. But he didn’t mind not saying goodbye to MR Smith, as he was too bothered talking to the class pet Grady, otherwise known as The Nerd.
He raced straight over to the car and saw his fishing gear all set up and Dad had his fishing hat on ready for action.
We reached Bells Beach in a flash. George ran straight onto the jetty and into the charter boat with his fishing rod out in the water ready to catch a fish. “Hang on son, wait until we get into the deep water to catch some big ones” Dad said trying to slow George down.
As they sailed into the deep blue ocean Dad was setting up his fishing rod ready for action. They got to the spot the fish finder told them was packed with fish. George threw his rod in and waited for a bite.
Suddenly something big got hold of the line and dragged him straight through the water. Dad dropped his fishing rod and as fast as a jet he jumped into the water and swam after him. “Hold on to the fishing rod son don’t let go” said dad “OK” George yelled. The fish dragged him back to shore and dad jumped on it. In the end of the heroic catch they found out it was a Blue Marlin.