The Haunted House

‘Oh no I forgot again, it’s my best friend, Lisa’s birthday and we’re going to the haunted house near Skull Mountains for her birthday party and we’re going to be late! I don’t want to disappoint Lisa again not after last years complete birthday disaster.’
‘Time to go Lucy!’ called mum. ‘One more minute mum, I just NEED to find my lucky socks. Oh where could they be?’
I had to go, so off we went.
When we arrived, I knocked on the door and an old, bony man came and welcomed us in. After I got in I suddenly got the creeps and the creeps were never a good sign.
I started walking towards the party room and suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and looked and saw a… ghost!!!!!
After that frightening experience I was nearly half dead and fainted in a loud THUD!
When I woke up, it was all a bit blurry at first, but then I could see it as clear as day!
There was no doubt about it; I could even see his fangs. The old man was a… VAMPIRE!!!!!!
Getting ready to suck blood out of my beautiful neck!
Then suddenly I realised, I couldn’t move at all. I was tied to a chair! The ropes were tight and there was no escape… unless I had some oil or even better LIPGLOSS!!!
I managed to wriggle my hands into my pockets and take my bottle of lip-gloss and pour it on the ropes. I squeezed my hands through and they were free, I untied all the other ropes and I was free!
I scampered to my trembling feet and started running down the corridor towards the front door.
Then suddenly I heard a roar behind me, I turned around and there he was the vampire with fierce fangs and sharp claws. I made a run for the closest door and slammed it shut.
I turned around to look for an escape route and there was Lisa also tied to a chair but she seemed to be asleep. Oh Lisa, couldn’t she find another time to sleep.
She slowly fluttered her eyes open.
‘What’s happening?’ she asked.
So I told her everything.
Then I untied her ropes and we ran out to the corridor, then we bolted towards the door. But it was LOCKED! We were absolutely devastated.
Suddenly the vicious vampire was behind us!
Under pressure, I kicked the door and it cracked opened!
Without any doubt at all we ran out the door. I knew those karate lessons would pay off.
I sprinted home and told my mum, but all my mum had to say was
‘Oh Lucy, what an imagination you have!’

Elise:OMG you are a really creative writer and this story is amazingly funny and awesome! You really did need those socks after all!
Katana: I am not sure if it is part of the story or not but on line four if you meant lucky you accidentally left out the k . But it is a great story.