The Last Dance
As the birds were chirping on 22 Horks Drive Manildra, the darkness suddenly faded as the sun lit up the sky with daylight. Maria Parker woke up from her wonderful dream, and immediately flicked back to the real world. The world that if dreams came true, they came with consequence, one she was willing to face.
Maria was a marvellous dancer, she had been dancing since she was 3, and at her 17th birthday last year she had made a decision that may change her life, forever. She had excepted her invitation to Brent Street, Sydney’s leading dance school. Her friends thought it would be the best thing ever for her, but, to Maria, she wasn’t quite sure. She would be giving up so much; her family, her friends and she would have to buy an apartment.
As Maria and her friends were walking to school, all they could bring their discussion to, was, offcourse, the year 12 graduation. Maria was due to leave one day after the year 12 graduation. “ It is going to be awesome!” exclaimed Lili, Maria’s very best friend, “ although I’m really going to miss you Maria”. “Yeah, me too” declared Ashley “ I really am going to miss all of you, I wish you guys could come to” Maria said softly, as her half smile turned upside down.
During School times all Maria could think about was Dance, she loved dance like a mother loves there new born as soon as they see their face.
Finally school was over and Maria couldn’t wait, like every other day, to go home, practice her turns, leaps and dances in the backyard, and then head off to dance classes with her extraordinary teacher Miss Lindsay.
Dance classes were a blast, and after every lesson Ms Lindsay always compliments Maria with the way she dances, today it was “ You can do amazing things, Maria”, Yesterday it was “ You have a wonderful technique” and each compliment just gets better and better. Although today, Ms Lindsay had a different enouncement. “We have an eisteddfod coming up girls, and you have all been working so hard, It’s only in three days.” Maria was in one of her fabulous day dreams but when she heard the words ‘in three days’ she was speechless! The graduation was in three days! What will she do? Just then Miss Lindsay said “all you girls have been working so hard and I would love you ALL to compete in the eisteddfod” The word ALL, for once in Maria’s life was the worst word she had ever heard!
As Maria was walking home from dance classes her mind was filled with things like; what am I going to do? How can this be happening? And, Which will I chose? But whatever she did it had to be the right decision.
That night, Maria thought very hard on what she was going to do, and she finally came to a conclusion.“ I will have to do the eisteddfod, besides this will be my last dance I will ever do for Ms Lindsay” She quietly whispered to herself.
At school the next day she told her friends. They were all sad she would miss the graduation, but happy for her. Lili had always been a great supporting friend, and she knew whatever Maria said was the right decision.
Finally, the day came. Maria was so nervous she thought that the butterflies in her tummy were spinning so fast that they were getting sick! Maria started applying her make-up, and as she did her hand was shaking so much she nearly dropped the mascara and foundation! Maria drove to the eisteddfod and got ready to go on stage in front of the vast audience.
First was her ballet, she did her pirouettes and her arabesques, and as she was looking at the huge croud, she noticed a group of colour that stood out like a fluoro yellow in a black and white painting. She was trying to get a closer look, and as she looked very close, to her surprise it was Lili and all of her friends!
Once she had finished her ballet she ran up to her friends, in their beautiful Year 12 Graduation dresses and gave them all a big hug!“ What are you guys doing here?” shouted Maria over the loud noise. “Coming to see you offcourse” Lili shouted back. “But you are missing the graduation!” Yes but we would rather be with you, plus we have some exciting news to tell you, we have all been given an invitation to different universities in Sydney! I have got one for being a vet, Ashley has one for Nursing and Molly has one for Criminology!” Maria was ecstatic! Not only would she be seeing her friends in Sydney, she would be sharing an apartment with them too!
Maria couldn’t wait to start packing to go to Sydney with her friends, and although dreams came with consequence, underneath the consequence was a new start and better opportunities.

great story JESS :)