The Little Old Witch
Ryan and Bella ran through the dark and misty forest, until they reached a cave. The cave was unusual almost the shape of a triangle. A black figure slowly showed himself.
“Oka!” the children cried.
The giant picked up the two children and carried them off into the distance towards a magical land. The magical land appeared slowly and looked almost like the one you would see in a dream. Gigantic lollypops grew from the ground, colorful candy fell from the sky AND the flowers were covered with fairies instead of butterflies.
‘WOW!” exclaimed the children,
“It’s beautiful” cried Bella
“Try some lollies” Said Oka
The children frolicked in the grass, fairies fluttering about, startled by the presence of the children. They scurried along the ground collecting the fallen treats. When suddenly a BIG, BLACK, cloud appeared, covering the whole land in pure darkness. Out of the darkness a booming voice called, “It is I, Myrtle the witch. I shall rule over this land, and if you try to stop me your land will be covered in darkness, FOREVER!”
Everyone was quiet. The fairies scurried away frightened by the darkness.
“Please help us” exclaimed Oka “Bella and Ryan you have to help us save this magical place.”
Suddenly there was light again and the sun shone brightly. Oka, Bella and Ryan set off in search of the witch. As they walked they came across a rickety bridge. “Who goes there?” demanded a gruff voice. “It is I, Oka with my two friends Bella and Ryan, please let us pass”
“Not until you answer this riddle, what is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing at all?”
They all thought hard, until a little fairy named Hayley whispered in Bella’s ear,
‘It’s an elephant’s shadow, he always seems to say the same riddle” and with that she was off.
“An elephants shadow”, replied Bella
“Yes, you may pass now” said the troll
And with that, they were off again. They passed the magical castle, in which Rapunzel was held. They passed the three bears house, and caught a glimpse of Goldielocks just as she ran out the door. They passed a nice little cottage, made of gingerbread, the roof was made out of toasted waffles, the door was liquorice and lollypops grew in the garden bed. The old wicked witch sat in the old screatchy wooden rocking chair by the window. She muttered to herself, she was very old, her wrinkled up nose had three warts on the end of it. Her fingernails as pointy as sharks’ teeth. In all of his life Oka had never seen her smile, not even a slight grin.
“She looks so un-happy” said Ryan. “Maybe, she just wants friends; she’s probably nicer than you think”
“Don’t be silly” snapped Bella
“You know the story about the old witch, who trided to eat Hansel and Grettel?” Questioned Oka
“Yes” replied Ryan.
“Doesn’t that witch look familiar?” Asked Oka
“Ohh my! She is old and wicked. Why should we give her a chance?” Bella added
“Everybody deserves a second chance” snapped Ryan. Ryan walked up to the door and knocked. The little old lady rose from the chair and slowly opened the door; cautiously they entered. Ryan told the witch “I think the whole complete darkness thing is just you trying to get some attention.”
“You’re right. I need friends, I am old and get lonely,” exclaimed the witch. “I’m really very nice.”
“What about Hansel and Grettel then?” questioned Bella
“Well you’ve got that wrong, they tried to eat ME!”
But that’s another story.