The Professor who forgot the Robot’s emotion drive
One day there was a very lonely and intelligent professor, you longed for a companion he could talk to. He thought about a parrot, but when he remembered that you have to teach a parrot to talk, that stopped him from buying one. Then he had a brilliant idea, I could create, a robot!
So he set out to do just that, he bought motors, lights and cameras anything you could need to make a robot. He worked for hours trying to build this robot but, the first thing he made was the most important part, the emotion drive, because you would want it to be excited over something or feel grief.
He worked and he worked, until finally the robot was complete. He was so happy that he went and put all the chips and drives the robot would need to function properly. The professor told the television stations, the newspaper and the radio. He was so happy to be famous. When he saw his name the next morning he was dumbfounded.
That day one of the television stations came to interview him about his success. The interview went on for the rest of the day. That night he said I could activate him on live television, at that thought he slowly went to sleep as happy as the moon. The weeks went past and no other t v stations had come he thought to himself had he been forgotten. A month went past until he gave up on the press and activated him that very day.
When the robot was activated something didn’t seem quite right, but he thought it was just the robot’s whirling eyes so he forgot about it for. A whole year he and his companion had heaps of fun playing games and talking with each other but the robot didn’t seem to show that emotion so when he put the robot in sleep mode he looked over the original design. When he found the original design he also found the all important emotion drive! When he saw this he was stunned he thought how could forget the most important thing of all. Now that he knew he had no emotions the robot seemed to be less a friend, when the robot realized that he didn’t seem as comfortable the robot started to get suspicious. He eventually got the idea that the professor was going to turn him to scrap metal. Three months went past and the robot decided to do something very grim!
The robot snuck into the professor’s room and then ….. the professor woke up and was a bit shaken from his nightmare. The next day the first thing he did was put in the emotion drive!