Alliteration / Tongue Twister
A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.
The call of wolves were like a howling wind calling for a hurricane.
The void was a black hole enclosing on the immense continent.
James jogged joyfully jumping ginger on the path.
The flame licked at the rope like a hungry beast.
The flames was a hungry beast licking at its dinner.

How far can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chucker can chuck wood.
The boy was staring through the boy like he was a ghost.
the black hole was a monstress crusher


Pritty Polly picked purple pears for Pete.
The view looked like it had been painted by Picaso.
The view had been painted by Picaso.
Joyful Jack jumped like jelly throught the jungle of Germans.
He was like a slow snail on the hockey field.
He was as slow as a snail on the hockey field.

Killy con came to kill the cow.
Jolly Jill jumped joyfully.
He was as sneaky as a snake stalking it's pray.
He was a sneaky snake stalking it's pray.
Silly sally sat so she could see the sea on the see- saw
The lady as as wrinkled as a tomato drying in the sun like a Nealy sun-dried tomato
the lady was a wrinkly tomatoe in the sun

Sally Simpson stared silently at Sam Smith then Sam Smith stared silently at Sally Simpson!
Trying to escape from the evil glance of the murderer, was like trying to escape from a sunken submarine.
It was impossible to escape from the sunken submarine, cacooned in the depths of the evil man's stare.
James B

James C
S uper Sam saved silly sally.
The single flame produced by the candle was like a glimmer of hope for the young boy trapped in darkness.
The flames were a roaring beast lashing out at the trapped child's legs.

Tricky Tammy Tricked Thomas trickily on trick or treat
The Tu-Tu was as beautiful as a single shining snow flake falling preciously from the sky
The Tu-Tu was a rare gemstone glimmering, assuring everyone that there was hope and peace.

Robyn rapped red ribbons around Ruby's hair
The dancer leaped like a cheetah jumping for it's pray.
The dancer was a cheetah leaping for it's pray.
Lucky little lanky laughing Lucy licks long luscious lemon lime lollypops!
Dainty little lucy was like a baby rabbit two days after birth!
Dainty little Lucy was a baby rabbit two days after birth!
Susan sobbed sadly ,still scarred from stupid, stubborn, snobby Sam snobbing her, soon she scared Sam so, stupid, stubborn, snobby Sam soon saw she'd stopped sobbing so so sadly.
The eeriness of the wind blowing in the tree was like a sad spine tingling tale told by the wind.
The eeriness was a sad spine tingling tale being told by the wind.
There was a fisherman named Fisherwho fished for some fish in a fissure till a fish with a grin, pulled the fisherman in.Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher
The lion was as sly as a fox sneaking towards its soon to be victim.
The lion was a sly fox sneaking towards its soon to be victim.
Atrocious Alex ate apples and annoyed athletic Andy awfully!
The dragon was like a formidable wall of terrible anger.
The dragon was a formidable wall of terrible anger.
Greta Gruber grabbed a group of green grapes.
Angela danced like corks drifting on waves.
Through the way Angela was dancing she was corks drifting on the waves.
Peter Pope played the pied piper on a pitterful morning
The plane was like an eagle patrolling the skies.
The plane was an Albatross keeping a good distance away from the ground.
Luscious Lilly loves little, lovely, likable lollipops!
The poor homeless girl, danced her heart out like a swan treading softly on a cold winters lake.
The poor homeless girl was a dancing swan, treading softly on a cold winters lake.
Silly Sylvia sleeps soundly on Sunday.
The cow was as slow as a snail climbing up mount Everest.
The cheetah was Cathy Freeman, racing for the prize.
Mrs Mad Milly maddam, made Miss Molly mice into a merciful missionary.
The singers voice was as lovely as an angel playing the harp to it's one true love
The singer voice was the lovely harp sound of an angels heart.

Annoying,angry Annie ate apples and apricots after her afternoon tea
The man was as loud as a bear with a wobbly tooth.
The man was a bear with a wobbly tooth.
Sally spider spread silk softly on the silver sparkling sand.
The old lady was as wrinkly as a dried orange skin.
The old lady was a dried orange skin.

Big Bad Burglars Burgle Badly
The car was like a rhinoceros charging along the road.
The car was a rhinoceros charging along the road.